Easy Two Ingredient DIY Lip Scrub! Say Goodbye to Chapped Lips

I struggle IMMENSELY with chapped lips. They get dry so easily, and then I have an awful habit of biting my lips and that makes the situation way worse.

When I feel like my lips are doing especially terrible, I put together this two ingredient lip scrub and my chapped lips are gone instantly. They go from being rough, peeling, and ugly to perfectly smooth. It is the easiest thing in the whole world, and you most likely already have what you need in your kitchen.

Photo/Kaity Kline

All you need is honey, sugar, and a container to mix them together in. It can be any type of honey, and any type of sugar. It does not matter, just use what you have and it will turn out fine.

I don’t use any specific measurements either, I just eyeball it. There should be more honey in the container than sugar.

Honey Photo/Kaity Kline
Sugar on the honey Photo/Kaity Kline

I just used a really small amount of honey since that is the amount that I had left and it is a good amount for a single use. I sprinkled enough sugar to cover the top of the honey. Then I just used my finger to mix it together and put it directly onto my lips.

Then I spend about 30 seconds just rubbing my lips together and then I lick it off. It tastes good and it’s better than washing it off. Then I usually go in a second time and repeat the process. Then my lips are smooth and look great!

This is my before and after!

Before Photo/Kaity Kline
After! Photo/Kaity Kline

And that’s all that I do! I hope that this was helpful to somebody that has chapped lips that seem like they won’t go away. It only takes a few minutes, so even somebody as lazy as me can do it, and it makes a huge difference!