Beauty Blogger Spotlight: Nicole Lynn/Glamwar.ous

Nicole Lynn is a 34-year-old mother, dermatology nurse, and beauty enthusiast that began her WordPress blog, glamwar.ous last fall. Nicole was born in Dallas, Texas and moved to Minnesota in 1991. She currently lives in Excelsior, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis. She has worked as a dermatology nurse for the past seven years in a primarily medical dermatology practice, and enjoys her job as well as interacting with people of all ages. Nicole also has a 15-year-old son who is a freshman in high school. In addition to blogging, she also loves summertime, boating, and wide-brim hats.

Nicole started blogging during her recovery period after having C5-6 cervical artificial disc replacement surgery, which left her out of work for a month. She always wanted to start blogging, and finally had the time to begin during her recovery period- making blogging her focus while recovering.

Her favorite part about beauty blogging is that she loves sharing her opinion with others as well as the numerous connections she has made within the beauty community. She values the moral support and encouragement she’s received. She enjoys reading other beauty blogs over beauty magazines.

Nicole comes up with ideas on what to post randomly, and has upcoming posts in progress such as Target and Sephora hauls, and is planning on writing a piece on sun protection, which is something she is very passionate about. She does a fair number of sponsored, non-biased product reviews that take a long time to plan and edit. She is planning on limiting the amount of sponsored reviews that she does to focus on letting her creativity shine.

The most challenging part of blogging to Nicole is posting on a regular schedule, and is still trying to establish a consistent blogging routine while working full time and driving her son around to his various activities. She says it’s all about time management and setting a routine for yourself.

Her advice to anybody first starting out blogging is “do it because you love it and want to share that passion. That should be your number one reason. The perks of receiving free products and making money from affiliate links are great, but don’t allow it to influence your opinions that you share with others. More and more people are placing their trust in bloggers and social influencers. Be cognizant of that.”

Nicole believes that sun protection is the number one thing that everyone of all ages should make their top priority, and is also the top thing that people overlook during their skincare routines. She knows many dermatologists that encourage those in their late 20s and 30s to use Retin-A (tretinoin) nightly. She says it has been used and studied for decades and has known effectiveness against wrinkles through the stimulation of underlying collagen.

She also advises to keep your skin well hydrated with a good moisturizer and to drink water to help with your overall skin health. She believes that sunscreen should be used as a daily part of people’s skincare routines, since even intermittent sun while driving and walking to your car adds up.

I asked Nicole what two of her holy grail skincare products were, and the first was Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion, which she says is very lightweight, absorbs oil and also controls excess sebum production. The second is Elta UV Clear Broadspectrum SPF 46 Facial Sunscreen, which she says is the best facial sunscreen she’s used. It’s oil-free, non-comedogenic, zinc-oxide based, paraben free and wears perfectly under makeup.

I also asked Nicole what one of her favorite beauty hacks was, and she said that when her skin starts to feel dry from extreme cold, she mixes her tretinoin cream with her nighttime moisturizer to combat the drying effect of the tretinoin.

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