Farewell Post

So this is supposed to be a “farewell” post for my blog since I am currently doing this blog for an online journalism class at my university and I need to post this for a grade, but it’s not going to be a farewell because I’m most likely going to continue posting on this blog occasionally. Less often than once a week, but I’ll still be here.

I learned a lot making this blog. I went outside of my comfort zone a lot in order to get interviews for the blog, reaching out to people was tough for me but it was rewarding. I learned how to organize my thoughts into posts more so people are able to read them. Most of all I learned that I do have something to share and that a lot of things that I know aren’t common knowledge or common sense, and they’re worth sharing.

These are my five favorite posts that I have made so far!

Easy Weight Loss for Lazy Gurls

Interview with South Jersey Makeup Artist Nia Clark

N.J Hairdresser Kendall Johnson Talks About Her Views of Hairdressing and Gives Easy Hair Advice

Beauty Blogger Spotlight: Q&A With Anna Bankester of Bee Beauty

Beauty Blogger Spotlight: Nicole Lynn/Glamwar.ous

Most of my favorite posts were definitely ones where I interviewed people because I thought the stories everybody told were very interesting, and I loved talking to people that were passionate about the same things as me! These were typically more challenging posts, but I found them the most rewarding and fun.

Thank you to everybody reading my posts and liking everything so far! I’ll definitely keep posting occasionally in the future!


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