How to Easily Clean up Your Eyebrows

When I was in the sixth grade I hated my thick eyebrows. It was back when the trend of super thin eyebrows was in style, and everybody in my grade made me feel ugly because my eyebrows were thick. I plucked my eyebrows out, plucking out of the middle because I was 12 and didn’t know what I was doing. It took them a while to grow back. But luckily, over the years I learned how to groom my eyebrows properly. So here is an easy way to clean up your eyebrows and make them look nice!

All you need is a pair of small scissors, a spoolie, tweezers, and a magnifying mirror. They can be from anywhere, I grabbed mine randomly from CVS. The set I specifically have is the Revlon Brow Set. Don’t use big scissors, as they aren’t precise enough to trim eyebrows and you could cut yourself or cut off your entire eyebrow. Don’t do this with makeup on because it will likely cause you to break out around your eyebrows.

Before plucking my eyebrows. (Photo/Kaity Kline)

This is a picture of what my eyebrows look like after a few weeks of not doing anything to them. As you can see, I have a lot of long hairs that I need to trim and I need to pluck underneath my brows desperately.

Trimming my eyebrows is very easy. First I take the spoolie and brush up my eyebrows. I cut the hairs that stick up over my eyebrows, that’s it. Just remember to not cut off the entire hair, just the part that is sticking up over your eyebrow. Then I repeat that step until hairs don’t stick up past my eyebrows when I brush them up. This helps immensely and cleans everything up.

What your eyebrows should look like when you brush them up, cut off those little hairs sticking up. (Photo/Kaity Kline)
Cut the hairs sticking up. (Photo/Kaity Kline)

After I trim my eyebrows I get to plucking. Once again, you can use any tweezers you want. More precise ones help, but it’s not essential. I get my eyebrows done every two months, so I can clearly see where the hairs don’t belong since random, sparse hairs appear around the shape I want. Even if you don’t want to get your eyebrows done, I would suggest to get them done at least once so you have a shape you can easily maintain, but once again this is not necessary.

I use my magnifying mirror and get very close up, it’s necessary to see everything you are doing when you are plucking your eyebrows. I got mine for around eleven dollars from Walmart, so it doesn’t have to be one of those fancy, expensive mirrors. I pluck all of the tiny stray hairs underneath my eyebrows, the middle, and the stray hairs around the tail end of the eyebrow. Then when I’m done with that I just brush them through again with the spoolie and make sure I trimmed and plucked everything, and then I’m done.

Don’t pluck from above your eyebrow because that can easily mess up the shape. Unless you’re super confident, I’d suggest buying an eyebrow razor from the drugstore. They’re super cheap, tiny razors and you can shave the top of your eyebrows if there are stray hairs so you don’t have to risk messing up the shape. It makes your eyebrows crisp and defined. You can also use the eyebrow razors instead of plucking, but I prefer to just pluck everywhere else.

And then you’re done! Super easy, and your eyebrows will look great no matter what! 

After trimming and plucking, very improved. Eyebrows are cousins and not twins, so it doesn’t matter if they don’t look exactly the same. (Photo/Kaity Kline)

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