Testing the Silisponge to Apply Foundation and Concealer

I never wanted a Silisponge. When the trend made its rounds on social media late last year I was not interested. I thought it was gimmicky, something that I would never use. How could this silicone chicken cutlet blend in my foundation and not make me look like a streaky, unblended mess? How could this give me a full enough coverage to cover my hyper-pigmentation? Not interested.Then my boyfriend’s mom gave me a Sillisponge. So I decided to try it and I was surprised.

The Silisponge!

The Silisponge is a makeup applicator from the beauty company Molly Cosmetics. It’s currently $9.90 on their official website, and you can order a bundle of two for $14.90. The main appeal of the Silisponge is that it does not absorb product, so you waste less product and save money. It also washes easily with a little soap and water, which is appealing since washing makeup brushes or a Beauty Blender is the worst. It’s small, silicone, and easy to hold. I did lose it once though because it is clear, so keep it in a safe place. 

The website claims “the amount of liquid of cream products needed is about half the amount compared to directly using brush or sponge.” They also claim that spreading the product takes getting used to, but final blending can always be finished with a brush or sponge. Since I’m testing the Silisponge I am only going to be using that, and no other additional brushes.

Pre makeup

This is what my skin looks like without any makeup. As you can see, I have areas of hyper-pigmentation and redness. It’s usually difficult to cover everything completely, so we are going to test if the Silisponge will cover all of my problem areas while also giving a good, even application. I usually use about one and a half pumps of my Urban Decay All Nighter foundation, but today I began with one. It ended up being enough to cover my face and neck. This is usually enough to cover all of my redness when it is applied with a Beauty Blender or a brush.

One pump of Urban Decay All Nighter foundation

First, I primed with Benefit POREfessional face primer around my nose and then I jumped into the foundation.

On the Molly Cosmetics website it tells you to take a little amount of product and to go in circular motions to spread the product, then to tap it into the skin.

I began with dots on the left side of my face, spread it in circular motions, and then tapped it in.

Foundation dotted onto my face
Spread onto the face

It does not blend at all really when you are going in circular motions, it just spreads the product around. It does blend in after you tap it into your skin, but it does take a while to blend completely and it takes some pretty vigorous tapping. You’re basically slapping yourself in the face with this thing. It did cover my redness well, so the Silisponge does not diminish the coverage of the foundation. 

On the other side of my face I dabbed the Silisponge directly into the product. It does not absorb anything, and the product sits on top of the sponge.

Sponge after being dipped into foundation
After being spread onto my face

I think that with this method it is a little more difficult to blend everything out. Definitely a lot more face slapping than the dotting method. When you initially rub it onto your face it just seems like you are moving the foundation over your face and not actually blending it, but it does get a little better once you start tapping it in. Coverage took a hit on this side, and you can definitely see redness through the foundation. I’d stick with dotting it on my face and blending it out over dipping the sponge directly into the product. 

I would not recommend this for under-eye concealer at all. I used my Revlon Instant Age Rewind Concealer and tried it with the concealer and it just did not blend correctly and spread the product way further than it had to go. Blending around all the curves and crevices of the eye is difficult, and I ended up just going in with my fingers because what should have taken be 20 seconds took me a few minutes and still did not look good.

It’s a no from the under-eye

The Silisponge did work on my face concealer well and quickly. I dotted by Maybelline Master Conceal on areas of hyper-pigmentation for additional coverage and after some slight slapping for 20 seconds everything was blended well.

After concealer!

Personally, I’m sticking with the beauty blender and brushes. I think that it depends if the Silisponge is worth it. If you value not having to heavily wash a makeup applicator over the application time, then you should get the Silisponge. It would be great for people with acne prone skin that are not so good with washing their brushes. You save time washing brushes, which is great. But if you don’t mind washing your makeup brushes and value doing your makeup quickly, I’d stick to a brush or a beauty blender that applies makeup quickly, just as well, and without a lot of face slapping.


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