Five Best Makeup Items to Start Your Beauty Bag

When you’re first getting into makeup it can be a little overwhelming. There are so many products that even with online reviews it can be hard to differentiate a great product from a meh one. Even as somebody that loves makeup, it takes a lot of researching to decide which products are worth the expensive price tag. Makeup isn’t cheap, and we only want to get something that we know is worth the money.

Here are five of my favorite beauty products that would be a great start for makeup beginners!


Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation, $40: My current favorite foundation of all time. It is full coverage and will completely cover any discoloration on your skin in one layer. I have bad acne and hyper-pigmentation that usually requires at least two coats of foundation and a thick concealer on top of it. This covers everything and makes concealer optional.

If you like a lighter application you can mix it with moisturizer to tone down the coverage. It also oxidizes throughout the day so iI recommended that you go a shade lighter than you usually would. If you suffer from discoloration this is an actual lifesaver.

It comes in 24 different shades so most people should be able to find a shade that works for them.

They aren’t messing around when they say that it’s an all nighter foundation. I will put this on at 8am before class and it will last with no change in coverage until I take it off at 9pm. It also doesn’t make me break out. Magic. 


Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray, $31: I know, it might not seem necessary but it is. Nothing is worse than having to touch up your makeup all day. Nothing is worse than having to use more of your $40 foundation because it has faded and made your makeup look patchy. You just spray this on after you finish your makeup and it is locked all day no matter what. Seriously- go skydiving, go to a concert, enter an ice cream eating contest, your makeup will look exactly the same as when you put it on.


Tarte Tartlette In Bloom Clay Eyeshadow Palette, $46: This palette is so beautiful that I don’t even know where to begin. This is a neutral palette that will look great on everybody. It is highly pigmented and blends like an absolute dream. It has light everyday shades and dark nighttime shades that you can easily make a full eye look out of. It has nine matte shades and three glitter shades, so if you love matte neutrals this will be the palette for you. The palette is sleek and looks great. It includes a large mirror so you can get really close up and to see what you’re doing!


Stilla Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner, $22: A liquid eyeliner pen that is the best for beginners. It has a tiny and sharp tip that gives you extra precision. It is very pigmented, doesn’t fade, and doesn’t smudge or feather like so many other eyeliners. Because of this it is perfect for winged eyeliner, making the wing easy to draw without interference. It’s waterproof and comes  in 12 shades, giving you a range from natural looks to fun party looks.


Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder, $38: This is the perfect translucent setting powder! It won’t add any additional color or coverage to your makeup, but it will get rid of the shine and set your foundation like a dream. It blurs your pores and gives a flawless finish.

A huge problem with a lot of translucent powder is that there will be a white flashback while getting pictures taken, but this has no flashback! It makes it perfect for events that you will be photographed at. It comes in two colors, translucent and translucent medium deep, allowing people with darker skin tones to also experience how fantastic this powder is.

If these options are too expensive for you (they’re essspensive I know), I’m also going to post a list of my five favorite drug store makeup products in my next post, so watch out for that!


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